How Does a Photocopier Differ from a Printer?

Used Photocopier Machine

While the primary function of a photocopier is to produce duplicate copies, a printer’s is used for printing copiers. Given the advancement and improvement of technology, the photocopiers and printers are both being designed with almost the same features, given how the Canon printer and many more such printers come with the same features as photocopiers. Owing to such overlapping features of both the devices, you might get confused as to which machine to invest in.

To make things simpler, here is all the information that you need for a photocopier and printer.

Photocopier Vs. Printer: How Do They Differ From Each Other in Terms of Functionalities?

Photocopiers Resort Xerography Technology and Printers Creates Solid Copies of Digital Information

The Photocopiers rely on xerography technology, which in turn is defined by a dry process of image creation through toner and heat application to the paper. However, the printers on the other side are peripheral devices that produce digital data’s solid copies that are displayed on the screen. The photocopier supplier is offering various advanced printers which not only support memory cards but also scanners and digital cameras. The higher version of the office printers is enabled with other distinctive features like fax, copier and scanner.

Photocopier Vs. Printer: How They Differ From Each Other in Regards to Features?

Photocopier Are More Efficient Than Printers

When it comes to features, both devices have a lot of dissimilarities which makes them suitable for different purposes. The photocopiers are designed solely to cater to heavy-duty tasks and produce documents with finishing features like sorting and binding. The photocopiers besides being efficient are reliable too with more such unique features like hole punching, stapling, faxing and printing.

The Printers are Great for Everyday Office Works

The multifunction printers like a Canon printer are experts at handling regular office works like printing, faxing, copying, and scanning besides being a go-to machine which every office staff likes.

Photocopier Vs. Printer: How the Photocopier Shares Differences with Printer in Terms of Cost?

A lot of people think that printing multiple copies of a document using a printer is much cheaper than photocopying the same. However, this is based on the number of data, pages and copies that you want to print. For those who want to print several copies, you might want to turn to a photocopier supplier and get the finest quality photocopiers for your office. However, for a few pages, the printer is a cheaper alternative.

Top Features of Photocopiers

  • It Can Both Increase the Size of Your Document and Decrease the Same As Well

One of the brilliant features enabled in a photocopier is that it can rearrange the size of your diagram, photograph and even texts. Not only can you reduce the picture size using the photocopier, but you can increase the same.

  • It Can Cater to Both your Scanning and Printing Needs

The photocopier is capable of scanning a large number of documents, that too without turning them blur. And with the hard copy, you can also keep the soft copy saved on your computer for future use. Some of the photocopier machines also include several printing additions.

  • It Can Arrange Documents

Of all the features present in a photocopier, sorting pages as per their number after creating a duplicate document is the best. The photocopier can arrange them in order. You can also come across an automatic binding solution in some of the photocopiers.

The Features in a Printer

  • The Printing Speed

The printing speed is based on the ink colour, which means that a good Canon printer can print about 18-20 colourless prints. As for colourless pages, it can produce about 8-10 within one minute.

  • The Reliability and Level of Compatibility

This is one of the most amazing features that you should look for in a printer. Your printer should be able to connect with every other system apart from being easy to use. Plus, it should also meet the demands of the connected device.

  • Minimum Usage of Ink

The latest range of printers available in the market can transform a document from a soft form into a hard form with the help of minimum ink. The software you use also counts when you have to print something.

Finding any major differences between a photocopier and a printer isn’t easy since the former might include various printing properties and the latter sometimes have the wealth of a photocopier. Both the devices have a comprehensive line of characteristics and features which makes them unique.

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