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Undoubtedly, an office printer is an integral part of your workplace. Do you know that a used Canon printer will provide the same performance as a new printer? At Copyline UAE, we provide top-quality used office printers to organisations across Dubai and UAE. Furthermore, our used office printers are quality tested. Being the best supplier, we provide proper warranty terms on the used Canon printers. To stay relevant and competitive, you need to procure the right printers.

At Copyline UAE, we have a large inventory of refurbished and quality scanner and printer machine for sale. Being one of the best dealers in Dubai and UAE, we cater to the needs of various businesses. We function via direct and indirect subsidiaries. If you are establishing your office for the first time, our used printers are your best bet. Furthermore, you would be able to get the same features and functionalities with the used Canon printers.

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Being one of the best dealers of scanner machine in Dubai, UAE, we are client-centric. What makes us unique is our customer-friendly after-sales service. Some reasons which make us the best supplier are as follows:

  • We stock used and certified printers for sale. Moreover, our Canon printers come with proper warranty terms.
  • What sets us apart is our extensive aftersales service on used Canon printers. Our technicians will visit your workplace to execute the necessary repairs.
  • Moreover, we provide the best price for used Canon printers and scanners. Nowadays, every business is heavily dependent on digital imaging solutions. At Copy Line, you can now procure an advanced printer at affordable rates.

Are you in need of a quality printer? Get in touch with us today to procure the right Canon printer.

Canon ir 2425 MF mono


Canon ir 2425 mono


Canon ir 2630i mfp mono


Canon ir adv dx 4745i


Canon ir adv dx 8705


Canon ir adv dx 8786


Canon ir c3125i


Canon ir dx c3720i


Canon ira dx c5735i mfp


Canon plotter tm 300


Cannon IR AC 2225i


Canon IR 2204N B / White


Canon IR 2520


Canon IR 2520 B / White


Canon IR adv 8095


Canon IRC 3025i color


Canon IRC 3525I color


Canon dxc 5750i Color


Canon image press c165 Color production


Canon ir 2206 Mono


Canon ir 2630i Mono


Canon IRA C 3520i (New)


Canon ira dx c5735i mfp


Canon ira dxc 3830i


Canon irc 3125i Color



If you are setting up your business and want affordable solutions, investing in a used Canon printer is ideal. Like any other used digital imaging device, our used Canon printers are cost-effective. Moreover, we provide extensive after-sales service.

To be precise, the refurbished Canon scanners available with us facilitate uninterrupted services. At Copy Line, our used scanners are effective and provide the same services. Furthermore, all used scanners are certified. In other words, you would be able to avail comprehensive after-sales service from us.

At Copyline UAE, we always strive to meet the needs of our clients. We provide comprehensive spare part support to our clients. We are adept at repairing scanners and printers belonging to various models. You can contact us to get relevant details related to Canon scanners and printers.

To be precise, used Canon printers are pretty effective and affordable. At Copyline UAE, we provide you with dedicated product consultants. But note that not all Canon printers and scanners will be effective. Our product consultants will help you choose the best scanner and printer.